Petzl- PROGRESS Progression lanyard



PROGRESS-projeksjonsbåndet giver mulighed for kontinuerlig forbindelse under reb-stigninger. Stikene holdes i den rigtige position for at lette klipningen.


  • Vægt: 150g
  • Certificering (er): CE EN 354, EAC Kort
  • armlængde: 30 cm
  • Lang armlængde: 65 cm


References L44A
Garanti 3 år
Pakning 1


Progression lanyard

The PROGRESS progression lanyard allows continuous connection during rope ascents. The connectors are held in the correct position for ease of clipping.

Detailed description


  • Double lanyard allows continuous connection during rope ascents:
    – long arm for attaching an ASCENSION handled rope clamp
    – short arm for clipping in when passing intermediate anchors
  • Ends equipped with a plastic sheath that holds the connector in place and protects against abrasion
  • Dynamic rope lanyard to limit the impact transmitted to the user in case of a short fall (1)
  • Used with two VERTIGO TWIST-LOCK auto-locking carabiners(1) Progression lanyards do not have energy absorbers. They thus should only be used if the fall factor is less than 1 (used below the ASCENSION handled rope clamp or anchor point).


  • Weight: 150 g
  • Certification(s): CE EN 354, EAC
  • Short arm length: 30 cm
  • Long arm length: 65 cm


References L44A
Guarantee 3 years
Packing 1


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