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Singing rock – Oval stål triplelock karabin

Oval stål triplelock karabin

Oval triplelock karabin. Samme slankhed som oval stål skrue karabin, perfekt til ascenders, descenders og pulleys.

Farve: zinc plated
Vægt: 195 g
Materiale: stål (zinc plated)
Styrke langs ryggen: 30 kN
Styrke på tværs af ryggen: 9 kN
Styrke med åben karabin: 8 kN
Karabin åbning (d): 18 mm

1019 EN 362

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STEEL OVAL CONNECTOR triple lock / K4241ZO07

Steel connector for work at heights

  • triple lock gate
  • Keylock for easy manipulation (Keylock is an extremely simple and ingenious locking system that solves the problems associated with the traditional design of carabiners. It eliminates any risk of ropes or tapes becoming entangled in the lever or in the carabiner shell when it is being connected or released. Neither the lever, which is completely cylindrical, nor the shell has any sharp edges. Ropes and slings do not, therefore, come into contact with any cutting edges.)
  • oval shape
  • easy manipulation
  • designed especially for industrial use
  • ideal for pulleys, tackles, ascenders or descenders
  • unique production number

Color: zinc plated
Weight: 195 g • 6.88
Material: steel (zinc plated)
Strength major axis: 30 kN
Strength minor axis: 9 kN
Strength open gate: 8 kN
Gate opening (d): 18 mm

1019 EN 362



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